Well Come To Purveen Siraj Rice Mills (PVT) LTD

Purveen Siraj Rice & Processing Mills achieving the targets of successful business enabling to enhance the business and has grown into an organization which is recognized for its remarkable performance and supply of high quality rice to the customers.

About Us

Purveen Siraj RiceĀ is fully integrated company. We have expertise in acquiring paddy to producing the finished products ready for theĀ Super Market shelves. Experienced staff works very closely with local farmers to provide Quality approved seed and maintains close contact and give admire on best practices. There are over a thousand farmers who supply to the mill. This supplier base is increasing year by year. Effective quality control measures are taken to maintain quality throughout the supply chain. Rice paddy is checked on arrival for the quality of purity, Length etc. Random testing for My cotoxins is also carried out. Once the paddy is accepted for quality, it is dried using the latest Alvan Blanch driers with 45mt/h capacity. The paddy is stored in Brock Silos with temperature and aeration control. This allows paddy to be stored in optimum conditions for longer term storage.

Farmer Relation

Make relations with farmers is our main aim. We are trying at our best level to make them educate and trying to guide them in the modern way so that they can understand the modern ways of cultivating. It makes the working environment better and farmers can perform better and quick by knowing modern methods. Our pride triumph is to engage at least 500 small farmers in our supply network, We are fostering them to improve their agricultural practices, we are educating them on new methodology of farming, guarantees the best yield of quality paddy to excellent milling results and thus enables them to become more competitive. By doing this, we will improve the quality of their livelihoods.

We have made the partnership with 40 large farmers, to provide them the inputs, like land leveling, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and technical support well in time. After the growing of crop, we provide them all facilities such as transportation, labor in reaching from fields to our mill.

Our Products


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